Anne Koehlinger ParisWhen it comes to fine dining from the top chefs in the world, none can compare to that of traditional French cuisine in Paris, France. Travelers near and far gather in the city of Paris to experience some of the world’s richest delicacies. To the French, food is more than just eating. It is the art of living. French diners are so passionate and fascinated with food culture because they have particularly deep cultural roots underlying a vast amount of history. The French have always maintained that cooking expresses giving, while eating expresses sharing. As tradition would have it, families come together to keep French food culture (learn more) alive by combining social habits, values, education, and of course, delicious food.

Anne Koehlinger became highly impressed  with French cuisine during a recent trip to Paris, reinforcing her interest in culinary arts. While in France, Anne Koehlinger visited the Head Chef at The Seaside Restaurant where she got to taste authentic French cuisine and share her passion for cooking. She also got to meet the Chef at Capella Pedregal and dined on fresh seafood directly from the island. Anne Koehlinger hopes to take this experience to school where she will work on pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies to begin training and developing cooking skills. Her trip to Paris, France also included stops at the following restaurants:

  •  St. Catherine’s Bistro in Paris: The St. Catherine’s Bistro is a charming bistro style restaurant in the heart of Paris serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since its establishment in the early sixties. The daily menus of this restaurant are concocted based on traditional French cuisine and inspirations from Portugal and Italy. The brewery, which is only open during the weekdays, is one of the most famous and oldest in all of Luxembourg.Anne Koehlinger Paris
  •  Café Med on The Island in Paris: Café Med is a quaint and intimate dining experience on the island. Visitors will not deny the value, quality, and excellent service of traditional Parisian cuisine that Café Med has to offer. This small restaurant serves large portion sizes that are deliciously filling, along with must-have desserts. The Island is situated just across from the bridge, which has a spectacular view of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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